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Learn how we can super-charge your intermodal revenues and margins with the most sophisticated intermodal software available.

Maximize Profits

Tens of thousands of rail linehauls and over two million dray rates can be effortlessly compared and sorted to show you the cheapest cost routing for any intermodal lane in North America.

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Happy Customers

Give your customers real-time, accurate quotes from your desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Quote truck and intermodal in under 3 seconds.

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Stay Lean

Stop paying employees to manage rail and drayage tariffs and fuel surcharges. We handle all data maintenance so your team can focus on revenue-generating functions.

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Pay as You Go

Pricing is month to month with no setup or cancellation fees. There is no long-term commitment.

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Web-based platform
with multiple interfaces

Access the system from any modern browser on your computer, phone, or tablet.

Fully responsive

Our software is designed to work seamlessly on mobile phones so you can take all of your information with you.

Beautifully designed

Our fast and intuitive design takes the pain out of intermodal pricing so that you can be more productive.


Knock out bids

Our bid upload tool can process a thousand lane bid in under 30 minutes so you can quote all the business you desire.

Customer interface

Use our sophisticated algorithm to auto-quote your customers using zero employee resources.

Simplify rail intermodal

Our mission is to make intermodal shipping easier than finding a truck.

Become truly mode agnostic

Don't let the complexities of intermodal keep you from leveraging the full power of your rail contracts. With our software you will be able to expand your intermodal presence effortlessly while having full confidence in selling multi-modal solutions to your customers.

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Give your team the tools to thrive in this market while offering your customers the fullest opportunities for mode conversion and cost savings.

Packed with features

We are truly the industry-standard in intermodal software


Pricing features

  • Complete coverage of North America
  • Rail-owned and wholesale equipment of all sizes
  • Seamless support for your private equipment
  • Builds up to seven legs (drayage, two linehauls, crosstowns, per diem, buydowns)
  • API connections with all major DTD providers.
  • Hazmat, oneway, pickup/delivery-only drayage, chassis splits, rentals, pier termination, tolls, layovers
  • Multiple adapters for truck pricing

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Operational features

  • Single and interline schedules from every
    Class I railroad in North America
  • Hourly and daily snapshots of equipment availability at the ramp
  • Temporarily embargoed rail lanes
  • Drayage estimates where coverage is light
  • Customizable days of per diem
  • SPQs and two-year linehaul history
  • State of the art bid upload tool that can batch run intermodal lanes in seconds
  • Customizable days of per diem
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Setup is simple and fast

Customer setup usually takes 3-5 business days (we do most of the work)

Cross-reference drayage

We reconcile your drayage tariffs with ones we have on file. Then simply forward any missing tariffs in spreadsheet form and we take care of the rest.

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1-2 days

Tell us about your rail contracts

We have most FAK rail tariffs on file, but some contracts are IMC- or customer-specific. Simply forward those to us and we will handle the reformatting and upload process.

More info Phase 2
1 day

Server migration and user creation

Once we have the rates in place, we migrate your database into production overnight. When that's completed we do some final checks and then create your users.

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1 day


The tools for successfull rail intermodal pricing are now at your fingertips.

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Access 24/7

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